The Masters Program in Education of UFSCar Campus Sorocaba (PPGEd-So) has been:

  • Recomended by CAPES (portuguese accronym for Coordination for College People Development) in the 131st meeting of CTC/ES, held between 21st and 25th of November, 2011.
  • Recognized by MEC (portuguese accronym for Education Ministry) (Ordinance nº 1.324, 0f 2012, November 08th, DOU 2012/11/09, section 1, page 8e).
  • Created by CONSUNI-UFSCar in the 190th Ordinary Meeting; Resolution Cons-Uni-UFSCar nº 706 of 2011, November 16th.

    The Masters Program in Education of UFSCar-SO – PPGEd-So has been structured according to the UFSCAR’s General Statute of Post-Graduate Programs, embracing studies, researches and academical formation in Masters level. The objectives of the program are:

  1. provide conditions to students for developing works, studies and investigation in the Education field, wich may demonstrate mastering of fundamental conceptual and methodological instruments, as well as social, political and ethical commitment, qualifying them for educational research.
  2. develop skills, attitudes, knowledge and values necessary for a permanent analysis and reflection on Education, which can ensure a process of critical, creative and responsible decision-making, considering situations of professional or socio-community nature, with the purpose of optimizing university teaching performance, or even other levels of teaching.
  3. foster conditions for studies and research in Education field articulated to the educational practice that may lead to continuous improvement of scientific, technical and didactic quality standard of school and non-school education, as well as to the formation process of teachers and educators that work educational environments outside of school.