Egresso's profile

Researcher profile

    It is the main scope of the formation process developed in PPGEd-So. As a researcher, the graduate of PPGEd-So will be able to take not only the education as an “abstract” knowledge object, but also the educational practice itself as a reflection object. Therefore, the researcher profile will not be the one of a person which is distant from the reality, who understands it as an “object” to be investigated through a research based on the assumption of scientific neutrality. On the contrary, the researcher who is expected to graduate is a subject who makes of his or her scientific activity an element in the elevation process of his or her own conscience as well as of the other people who share the experienced reality with him or her. This is indispensable for an expected action as praxis, that is, as a process that can understand and transform itself and the world around it. This process is committed to the intersubjective dialogue and to the pursuit of the overcoming of alienated consciences, of the indifference and the political passivity, of the ethical neutrality and of the action that reproduces structures which reproduce the exploitation of the human being.

Teacher profile

    PPGEd-So presents the teacher profile as a goal for two reasons: firstly, because PPGEd-So took the current graduation courses of the UFSCar campus in Sorocaba as one of the references for its own articulation; finally, it is a primary task for the strictu sensu post-graduation programs, especially the ones of the Education field, the qualification of the teaching staff of Universities or basic education. Therefore, graduates of PPGEd-So are expected to use the skills and knowledge acquired and exercised in the program to unveil the fundamentals, the perspectives, the practices and the contradictions of his or her educational action in the formal environment of teaching, so that he or she would have conditions of overcoming problems that may present in the dynamics of working context. That way, graduates of PPGEd-So must be committed not only to the quantitative measurement of his or her classroom performance, that is, to “how much is taught”, but mainly to the qualitative aspects that are immanent to education. In conclusion, the graduates must show competence for the production of knowledge in education combined with knowledge of pedagogical curriculum as well as pedagogical knowledge of the curriculum.

Educator profile

    The profile of the educator who works in non-school environments aims to attend a crescent demand for professionals and volunteers that work in different socio-educational organizations. Because of this, graduates of PPGED-So are expected to have the knowledge and the skills necessary for unveiling of educational processes that take place outside of schools; the graduates are also expected to be able to act in these realities with the commitment of, through education, intervene in order to transform the consciences and the practices of both the people and of the social groups. In turn, these transformations are intended to create other realities, considering yet the accomplishment of teacher and researcher functions in these non-school  educational spaces.
    As one can infer from the profiles that have been presented here, PPGEd-So intends to articulate in its scientific-academical dynamics teaching, research and extension, contributing for the formation of researchers, teachers and social or communitarian educators able to follow the same guideline, which is believed to be beneficial for the improvement of national education, provided it is taken as a method of formation and improvement of professional who work in the education field.