Education, Community and Social Movements

 The line 2 of PPGED-So focuses on investigations of the relations between education, community and social movements. This research line presumes education is a social-historical phenomenon that happens in a field of power dispute and deeply characterized by political, economic and social kinds of organization. The approached themes are concerned to educational processes in different communitarian and institutional contexts; education and popular culture; work and education; work and solidarity economy; feminist studies, gender and sexuality; educommunication; youth culture; youth and the world of work; mental health and education; medicalization of life; education and subjectivation processes.


  • Prof. Dr. Dulcinéia de Fátima Ferreira

  • Prof. Dr. Kelen Christina Leite

  • Prof. Dr. Marcos Roberto Vieira Garcia

  • Prof. Dr. Maria Carla Corrochano

  • Prof. Dr. Teresa Mary Pires de Castro Melo

  • Prof. Dr. Viviane Melo de Mendonça

Study and research groups

  • GECOMs – (Portuguese acronym for the Research Group Education, Community and Social Movements)